The Fastest Growing Diseases In Children April 25 2015

Anxiety, depression, Autism and ADHD are among the fastest growing diagnoses in children. As Holistic Nutritionists we have a strong role to play, coaching parents on how to harness the power of diet to improve brain function in their kids. 

Jessica Sherman's keynote address during the ""Feeding The Brain-Gut Connection" workshop will elaborate on a world in which the sales of drugs to kids - particularly for stimulants and psychotropics for depression and ADHD - is the fastest growing pharma sector with few studies done on the long term effects of these meds on the developing brain.

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Studies have shown that stimulants and psychotropics can lead to problems with sleep, growth, and appetite.  As holistic nutritionists we can see the obvious downstream consequences of these side effects, such as hormone dysregulation and nutrient deficiency. 

Studies also show that side effects of these drugs include obesity, diabetes, personality changes, and metabolic syndrome - the very same issues plaguing our health care system. 

And yet, prescriptions for mood altering medications in children has increased 5-fold in the last 15 years and are now being given to over 10,000 preschoolers.

Join Jessica Sherman, RHN, during her Pediatric Brain-Gut Connection presentation to get a clearer, practical insight into how symptoms of altered brain activity are related to digestion, absorption and nutrient deficiency, and how Holistic Nutritionists can help parents find first line therapies and reduce the need for these possibly dangerous medications.

Offline event is being held on June 6th

Online Event is being hosted on May 30th and 31st  (Includes Replay)

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