CAHN-Pro's Board Certification program in Professional Practical Holistic Nutrition, coupled with upgrading programs and business training, give members invaluable practical experience and ensure they remain up to date with best practices and current research.
Build Your Career, Stay Current and Maintain High Standards of Practice.

Are you a holistic nutrition professional?
Do you want to be recognized as such?
Do you believe that your standards and qualifications should speak for themselves?

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Personal Insurance Benefits:

Personal benefits insurance benefits available with Member discount. Click here and login (members only).

Liability Insurance Coverage :BMS Canada Risk Services

Rate $150.00 Click here to learn more. Includes coverage for online consultations, cooking classes and more. Our provider can provide coverage for other modalities

The path to becoming Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition is easier than ever.

1. Become a standard member
2. Write the board certification exam when you are ready

Note: We recommend that new graduates wait one year before writing the exam to give them time to learn more about professionalism. Trainings are available to speed up the process, if needed 
Becoming a Standard Member:

Membership is open to all graduates of recognized schools in Canada.

Recognized Schools:

Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition 

Institute Of Holistic Nutrition 

Edison Institute of Nutrition

Pacific Rim College

Nutritional Therapy Association

The American School of Natural Health

The Institute of Transformational Nutrition

If you graduated from a different school, please contact us at: or call 1-866-210-2137 (or 416-499-2660).

Students are welcome as associate members. it is the perfect way to prepare for joining the profession.




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Writing the Board Certification Exam:
Members who have been graduates for two one or more are considered senior holistic nutritionists and can write the board certification exam, scheduled twice a year. New graduates can write after one year. However, in some cases, depending on work experince after graduating and/or prior work experince in other professions, new graduates can be allowed to write  in six months. To prepare for the exam, members can request a study guide.  When they are ready, members can write the exam which will be ivigilated by a proctor. A passing grade is 80 percent or higher. 
Why write the board certification exam?
Achieving board certification establishes your professional credibility in the areas of practice and research and grants you access to the Association's lowest liability rates.
What does the board certification exam test?
The exam tests your understanding of the Association's scope of practice, code of ethics, and professional standards. The latter is how insurance companies, the government, consumers, and other practioners judge the credibility of a profession and its members.
How do you prepare to write the board certification exam?
The Association provides a study guide for older graduates and training programs specially designed to help new graduates write the exam sooner.

Member Benefits

  • Lowest Liability Rates: $135.00 a year, and affordable rates if you have other modalities;
  • Licensing with 321 Well, working to help our profession get coverage for our services through extended health care benefits. Click here to learn more
  • Monthly professional newsletters to help you upgrade your knowledge and a member section for provide access to professional documents, recipes, menu plans, and power point seminars and handouts;
  • Newsletters can be personalized for distribution to your clients
  • Opportunities to write for our publications or present at corporate seminars;
  • Free promotional opportunities on the "Featured Members" section;
  • Proper upgrading information that adheres to professional standards;
  • Valuable research experience and access to new data;
  • Representation by fellow holistic nutritionists advocating for recognition for our profession before government and insurance companies;
  • Third party mediation before clients, if needed and mediation before with clients, if needed;
  • Opportunities to network with other holistic nutritionists, to receive mentoring, and to meet and learn from industry representatives from food and supplement companies;
  • Opportunities to develop better counseling, business, and research skills through our training programs;
  • Immediate access to jobs as they become available;
  • Regular updates on industry news, Health Canada issues, and current product and food information.
  • Special Discount for the first 3 months of Practice Better - an online software practice management system designed for holistic nutrition professionals.