Complaints Process

Telling Us About Your Complaint

If you have a complaint about a holistic nutritionist who is a member, send your complaint to the association in a recorded format – for example, written, tape or video recorded.

The more information you can give, the easier it will be to look into your complaint. You should give the names and addresses of anyone else who may be able to give information about your complaint. If you want to complain but are having trouble putting your thoughts in a letter, you can call the association for assistance in recording your complaint.

Investigating Your Complaint

Once the association has received your formal complaint, an investigation will begin. In most cases, a copy of your complaint will be forwarded to the holistic nutritionist, who will be given thirty days to respond to your concern. A copy of the holistic nutritionist's response will then be sent to you for any further comments you may wish to make. The holistic nutritionist’s explanation may be enough to answer any questions you have and may resolve your complaint.

If the holistic nutritionist’s response has not resolved your complaint, the association will continue with its investigation. In some cases, the association may ask you to sign an Authorization Form to assist in obtaining your records or files. Even if you are satisfied with the holistic nutritionist’s response, the association may choose to continue its investigation if it feels that it is in the public interest to do so. The association will keep you informed as the investigation proceeds.

The association includes both members of the public and holistic nutritionist. Neither you nor the holistic nutritionist attends the association meetings. The association may decide to appoint an investigator to gather information relating to your complaint. This may involve interviewing you, the holistic nutritionist, and any other person who may have information relating to your complaint. All information relating to the investigation and resolution of a complaint is confidential.

What Happens Next?

The association reviews everything collected during the investigation. After this review, the association may do one or more of the following:

  • require the holistic nutritionist to appear before the association to be cautioned;
  • require the holistic nutritionist to complete a specified continuing education or remediation program;
  • refer the matter for incapacity proceedings if there are concerns suggesting that the holistic nutritionist is suffering from a physical or mental incapacity;
  • refer the matter to the Discipline Committee. The discipline process is entirely separate from the complaints process. The Discipline Committee deals with allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence through a formal hearing. The

Association prosecutes the holistic nutritionist against whom the allegations have been made. As the complainant, you are not a party to these proceedings. However, you may be called to appear as a witness;

  • take no further action;
  • take other action it considers appropriate and which is not inconsistent with the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), as a non-regulated profession; we still adhere to it's guidelines

Written reasons will be provided to you and the holistic nutritionist where the matter has not been referred to the Discipline Committee or for incapacity proceedings.


The investigation of a complaint should be completed within 150 days of it being filed with the association. If it takes more than 150 days to deal with the matter, the association does not lose jurisdiction. After 150 days, a letter is sent to both parties explaining that the association will not meet the deadline and providing an expected date of disposition that is no more than 60 days from the 150-day deadline.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the decision of the Complaints Committee?

Unless the decision is a referral to the Discipline Committee or for incapacity proceedings, both you and the holistic nutritionist have the right to request a review by an independent mediator, generally a non-health care professional. The Association does not have the authority to demand money for you from the holistic nutritionist. This can only be achieved through the civil court system.

How to contact the Association

Your letter of complaint should be addressed to:

Canadian Association of Holistic Nutritionist Professionals

150 Consumers Road, Suite 210

Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P9

TEL: 416-499-2660  or  1-866-210-2137

FAX: 1-866-457-4410