Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Questions?

Please check these frequently asked questions. If you have any others, please contact the office: 1-866-210-2137 or

1. Do insurance companies cover our services as CAHN-Pro members?
Yes, several companies do already and more are pending. However, nutrition is not a standard on most insurance packages – the employer has to add it so coverage depends on the package the client has.
2. Do we provide liability insurance for members?
Yes, we have the best liability coverage at the lowest rate covering all aspects of a practice. It includes online consultation and electronic communications as well as cooking classes (with a health and food safety certificate), doing lab test (within scope). Our providers can also accommodate other modalities you may need insurance for as well.
3. What kind of support does CAHN-Pro supply it members?
All members can call the office and ask questions, get advice and instructions as to what to do with any issues they may be facing as a practitioner. We have our trainings that cover counseling, research and business. We also have an extended board of senior members who are available to members for advice as well.
4. What is the purpose of the board certification process?
All professions have one and it allows our profession to show that our members are professionals who understand their scope of practice, code of ethics and professionalism. This allows CAHN-Pro to speak for members and provide the assurance to insurance companies, government and other practitioners that we, as a profession, adhere to the same strong standards as all other professions, even though, we are a self-regulated profession.
5. Do I have to become board certified before I join?
No. You join as a standard members and receive all member benefits. When you are ready, you make arrangements with the office for the study guide and instructions to write the exam.
6. Is it difficult to become board certified?
No, we provide a study guide and information to make it easy to prepare. All you have to do is find a proctor.
7. Is there an extra cost for the board certification exam?
No, there is no extra fee for the study guide or the exam.
8. What are the CAHN-Pro trainings about?
There are four courses to help our members in specific areas that can improve their ability to be successful in their businesses. The areas that are covered are counselling, research, business (including corporate work and presentations) and marketing to practitioners. New members get one training for free and the others are available at a reasonable cost. A great way to help you improve your options for business and give you valuable tools and they can be used for upgrading.
9. What kind of upgrading do I have to do?
Members are required to do 25 hours per year. 10 of these hours can be practical as we believe working in the field is a form of upgrading and an important part. Nutrition, food preparation, counselling and business information all qualify for upgrading
10. Where do I find out about upgrading options?
We send out emails on a regular basis for various upgrading options. We also offer some ourselves which can include some free webinars (with a quiz). You can also call the office for other options or to inquire about a seminar or program you have found on your own.
11. Is CAHN-Pro pursuing regulation for the profession?
Regulation is done by the provinces to protect the public from harm. Our profession is deemed not harmful (within scope). Governments do not like the expense of regulating a profession and need a compelling reason to do so. CAHN-Pro is focusing on promoting the profession to corporations, insurance companies, the public and other professions to improve opportunities for members.
12.  Does CAHN-Pro provide any materials?
Yes, we have a number of materials that can be used in a practice by members and they are easy to download so they can be adapted as needed.