The 2nd Annual Building Your Nutrition Business Workshop - Online

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Join us for this unique online event with senior holistic nutritionists sharing their knowledge to help you develop your skills and grow your business. Students: This is a great opportunity to start planning your next steps and deepen your business and professional knowledge as senior nutritionists share their experience to help you define your career.

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The Future of Holistic Nutrition with Lorene Sauro, B.A., R.H.N: An overview of the status of our profession, where we fit in the healthcare field and what kind of opportunities are currently available to members of our professions. Lorene shares her insights, developed from over 16 year in the field, to inspire and educate attendees about our profession.Discover what we need to do  as a profession to gain recognition.

Lorene Sauro. B.A. RHN is a senior teacher at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, food professional, speaker and author of A Pastry Queen Goes Green and creator of the Healthy Gut Certificate program for practitioners and The Simply Fermentation Online Workshop. As the founder and director of CAHN-Pro, she currently writes and edits the CAHN-Pro Nutrition News and Views and is active in the food industry as a product developer. Her specialty of estrogen dominance first led her to learn more about the relationship of the gut and hormonal issues. She now specializes in digestion and intestinal health which includes providing online courses. Lorene can be contacted at

Creating Successful Client Sessions with Debbie Allen, DSHomMed, R.H.N, CSAT

:Learn the key to  interviewing clients in a session including  how to set up an initial session, what kind of questions  to ask, the materials to use and what to discuss in follow up.


This is going to be a great session on how to connect with your client, setting the stage for an effective initial appointment, how to gently but efficiently get information from your client, what information is useful and what should you eliminate, how to do a follow up and keep your clients coming back. This session provides the essential pieces of information you are going to need to build your nutrition practice or expand your existing practice.

Debbie Allen is a holistic nutritionist and homeopath who presently has a successful practice working in her own clinic and has teamed up with two medical doctors. She specializes in Holistic Nutrition, Alternative Medicine and counseling in the areas of depression, anxiety, infidelity, sex and food addictions and family alcoholic issues. After graduating from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2002, Debbie opened her own nutrition practice where she worked with individual patients. Debbie also teaches at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine or contact her at

1:45 PM EST/10:45 AM PST

How To Make Money as A Nutritionist with Sam Rafoss, C.H.N.™ In this session, will share her expertise for attracting your ideal clients and making money doing what you love to do.  She will also walk you through her Social Media Foundation Principles and share her secrets for building your personal and business brand across the most influential (for you!) social media platforms in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Sam Rafoss is a Business & Marketing Strategist for Nutrition & Holistic Practices who has made it her mission to help the healers of the world make an impact and an income.  She is also a nutrition educator, professional speaker, mom to 3 teen/tween daughters and is the co-author of two bestselling books.  You can find out more at  or


Creating a Client Avatar with Lori Kennedy, B.A., R.H.N.   As a nutritionist it is common to think that the only way to get enough clients to sustain a successful business is to help anyone and everyone that comes your way. Learn why this approach will leave you burnt out and scattered and why you shouldn’t help everyone who asks you for help. To really be successful you need to enter the story already playing inside your dream client’s head and change the ending for them. It’s really hard to find qualified clients to help if you don’t have a clear idea of who it is you actually want to work with.

In this session Lori will take you through why it is absolutely necessary to create a client avatar, a clear and descriptive picture of your ideal client. This will allow you to make sure all of your marketing efforts and the programs/services you create are on target for your ideal client and directed towards solving their main problems and pain points. Lori will guide through a very specific and thorough exercise to come up with your detailed client avatar leaving you focused and clear on who it is you should be working with and exactly how you can help them.

Lori Kennedy, B.A., R.H.N. holds a Bachelor of Applied Human Sciences from Concordia University. After graduating from CSNN, she developed a successful practice specializing in weight loss. She is founder and CEO of WOW! Weight Loss Inc. a holistic weight loss system, and The Wellness Business Academy. She also has create and runs the Wellness Business Summit held annually in Toronto and Vancouver. She currently is passing on her business and marketing skills to fellow practitioners and teaches the business course at CSNN to help guide future practitioners. Contact Lori or

Creating Your Unique Nutrition Business with Kiley Redhead,R.H.N                    You want to make a valuable contribution to the field of nutrition, but you worry your business will end up looking like all the others. This might happen if you make the one mistake there is to make in business – not bringing your authentic self to your work. In this talk, we will explore how you can become clear about your specific path in the field of nutrition, and how you can use your own personal journey to create a business that is unique to you and designed to serve the specific clientele who need you.

Kiley Redhead is creator of The New School for Inspired Work: Kiley works with people who know they are meant to do more with their lives, and are wanting guidance on clarifying who they are and what they have to offer the world through their work. Through her transformational Vision Program, purpose seekers learn how to create meaning in their life and share their unique gifts with the world. Kiley believes that everyone is here to live their inspired life – a life true to their own heart. She uses her personal strengths to help people move their dreams from conception to reality. Combining her passions for self-discovery and education, she created her business, The New School for Inspired Work, and has been supporting people in reclaiming their power and creating their inspired work for over 5 years. You can find Kiley at or

Client Fear: A Deterring Element with Lorie Crawford, M.Sc., R.H.N.                   Client fear can paralyze the work of nutritionists. This intense, penetrating emotion is often unspoken and unaddressed in our daily practice. During the session we will discuss methods to listen for “fear” in our client’s spoken words and behavior; we will explore techniques to facilitate forward growth in our client’s fearful areas; and we will discuss application of these idea in nutrition practice.

Lorie Crawford graduated from the University of Windsor with a B. Sc in Nursing and a B.A in psychology. She pursued further education, completing her Master’s (M.Sc.) in Nursing, specializing in mental health, from University of Toronto. Lorie worked as a mental health counselor both in hospital, clinic and community settings. Lorie’s passion to explore other modalities of healing, led her to initially complete a four year clinical herbal medicine program and graduate as a holistic nutritionist from  the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. From this foundation Lorie has built a thriving health promotion practice that interweaves her counseling, her nursing, her plants and her nutrition knowledge. Contact Lorie at


Working With Your Challenging Emotions As You Build Your Business with Caroline Marie Dupont, M.Sc., R.H.N, We have all responded to the call to help others through the healing power of food. And yet the inspiration that set us on our path and sent us to nutrition school can often be hijacked by feelings of fear, self-doubt, apathy, confusion, and more, once it comes time to put ourselves out there. Caroline will speak from the perspective of turning these emotions into allies, and guide the group through exercises to learn how to approach challenging emotions as doorways into authentic, creative, inspired and deeply satisfying work.

Caroline Marie Dupont is a senior instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her writings, workshops and private sessions focus on aligning with our truest self through spiritual direction, meditation, yoga, energy work and plant-based living. She is the author of Deep Healing, and The New Enlightened Eating. She offers The Deep Healing Course and the Clear Being Community Cleanse. Visit or contact Caroline at

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Practitioner:   $65.00

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