Wellness Programs

Corporate and Consumer Nutrition & Wellness Programs: Helping You Create a Healthier Organization

Wellness programs are customized for your company's goals and individual nutrition needs. As Canada's authority on research-based holistic nutrition, we help companies:

• Promote health and prevent disease;

• Raise morale, and improve energy and productivity;

• Empower and inspire employees to take control of their health and well-bring;

• Create a healthy organizational culture;

• Follow the national benchmarks for a healthy workplace;

• Become employers of choice.

CAHN-Pro Nutritionists have educated and empowered countless employees at organizations across Canada (including private, public and voluntary sectors) to improve their overall health and productivity at work by managing stress, weight, sleep, and symptoms of disease (such as diabetes and heart disease).

Consumer Groups

Book a holistic nutritionist for your group of friends ‒ a sports team, parent organization, or senior group, for example ‒ and learn more about leading healthy lifestyles.

Nutrition Seminars

Nutrition seminars can be customized to meet your specific health concerns.

Some examples of seminars held in the past are:

• Real Nutrition for Real People

• Food and Stress: What Helps and What to Avoid

• 10 Foods to Maximize Weight Loss

Customized Healthy Eating and Weight Management Programs

Our custom-designed nutrition programs can be either workplace initiatives, oriented toward individual needs, or both.

An employee-directed program is tailored specifically for an organization's culture and demographic. For instance, we have extensive experience with shift workers, sedentary employees (ex: truck drivers), and physical labourers (ex: warehouse personnel).

We're less concerned about quantity (i.e., counting calories and grams of fat) than we are about quality. We're deeply invested in helping you explore the connection between nutrient intake and vital processes like mood, energy, sleep, and general brain function, to empower you to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Programs are available for varying lengths of time, with sessions occurring weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

On-Site Consultation

Everyone is unique. One-on-one assessments point to your individual nutrition needs. Our sessions in the past have been invaluable for our clients in areas including:

• Stress management

• Improving energy

• Strengthening immunity

• Heart disease and hypertension

• Diabetes

• Weight management

• Sports nutrition and exercise

• Pregnancy, family nutrition

• Understanding how to use food and nutrition supplements.

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