“Zonulin, Intestinal Permeability & You"


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Applying the “Leaky Gut” revolution in clinical practice”
Saturday, November 12th 9:00 am – 5 pm
Ontario Science Centre, Gemini Rooms
770 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON
Or Live-Stream Online (Includes Recording)


We all struggle as we try to help clients and having tests we can do within scope helps us help them. It can be very frustrating when we wonder exactly what is happening within our clients’ bodies. We are all different and being able to get some insight from a test can be very helpful.

FLUIDS iQ provides three different types of testing that we can use for our clients: Zonulin testing, IgG testing and salivary hormone testing. These tests will help you explain the issues to your clients, making them more invested in their own health care journey.

Testing is great, but we also need to know what to do with the test results. This event is also protocol-rich, discussing how to interpret the results of the testing and the supplements and foods to use. This very detailed event will provide the information you need to have a better understanding of your clients’ issues and help you create the best protocol for them.

FLUIDS iQ and the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutritionist Professionals (CAHN-Pro) are proud to present a one of a kind live and “live-streamed” event devoted to Zonulin, a key biomarker that is revolutionizing our understanding of intestinal permeability (“Leaky Gut”) as well as the clinical protocols to help repair it.

Join us for inspiring, educational lectures that:

  • Provide an understanding of the biological underpinning of intestinal permeability, “tight junctions” and the microbiome;
  • Introduce the biology of the new protein biomarker Zonulin in the control of intestinal permeability, also known as “leaky gut”;
  • Examine the interplay of intestinal permeability and food sensitivities;
  • Discuss the clinical applications of Zonulin testing in the treatment of “leaky gut”;
  • Explore the application of foods in cases where Zonulin testing has identified “leaky gut”

Recent evidence has established the importance of intestinal permeability and the microbiome in a myriad of disease states. Increased permeability, also referred to as “Leaky Gut”, has been linked to chronic inflammatory disease states, as well as numerous autoimmune disorders and often precedes other manifestations of the disease state. As we know, attempting to assess the state of gut permeability, so as to determine the most appropriate corrective action, presents a daunting challenge, to say the least.

Until now!

Join us for an exciting, educational, inspirational day devoted to the new biomarker Zonulin: This protein that has been established to be the controller of the “tight junctions” between intestinal cells, the key cause of intestinal permeability (“Leaky Gut”).

3 keynote sessions will be presented, purposely designed to maximize attendee take-away learning as well as to provide the most up to date information and practical knowledge of Zonulin testing in clinical practice.

9:00 AM Dr. Aron Gonshor PhD, DDS, FRCD(C), FAO

Understanding the Biological Principles underlying Intestinal Permeability

Dr Aron Gonshor will discuss the biology behind the new findings in intestinal “tight junctions”.

Specifically, he will focus on the discovery of the pre-haptoglobin 2 protein, also called Zonulin;

the first biomarker known to control intestinal permeability. There will be a detailed analysis of the role played by intestinal permeability and the microbiome in inflammatory, neurological and auto-immune dysfunction and disease.

10:45 AM - 30 minute break

11:15 AM – Lucie Blouin IFMCP ND.A CN Mth K.in

Part I - Developing Protocols After Zonulin Testing

Join Lucie Blouin for a discussion of Zonulin testing – how to read the reports, create practical protocols and understand the right sequence for the protocols. Lucie will also be discussing enzyme insufficiency in relation to the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder. Learn how tto increase the metabolic pathway to increase the benefits of foods, with the long term goal of foods- not supplements-keeping clients in balance. Presentation will include case studies.

12:45 PM Lunch and Exhibitor break

1:45 PM Lucie Blouin,

Part II – Hormones Cascade: The link to the gastro-intestinal tract:

What is the true role of hormones in the body and particularly their role in modulating gut health? Learn how estrogens, testosterone, progesterone and the thyroid hormones can affect the intestinal cell lining and the paracellular tight junctions. Learn about the benefits of salivary hormone tests in gut management and how to start helping clients in a practical way. Discussion will include the role of supplements in modulating hormone imbalances. The presentation will include case studies.

3:15 PM – 30 minute exhibitor break

3:45 PM – Lorene Sauro B.A. RHN:

Applying Food Protocols

Lorene Sauro will discuss how and when to use foods to modify protocols based on Zonulin testing and/or hormone testing and how to gain more long term compliancy. Learn what foods will help specifically and what considerations are needed when adding or removing foods.

4:30 PM: Event Ends

Event Speakers

Dr. Aron Gonshor is a PhD Physiologist and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He has published and lectured extensively on wound care and  graft reconstruction. Most recently his research has focused on the use of stem cell technology in tissue grafting. For 14 years he headed the clinical consulting board of Surgical Science Systems, a provider of surgical equipment and regenerative biomaterials. His interest and expertise in the fast growing area of salivary diagnostics led him to create FLUIDS iQ™, a company specializing in the use of saliva and other body fluids for human and animal testing.

Lucie Blouin, ND is a naturopathic doctor. Prior to opening her clinic in 1995, she trained as a physical educator, sports massotherapist and obtained her undergraduate degree in clinical nutrition. She was among the first in Canada to be given the designation of Certified Practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP). Ms. Blouin served as President of the Association des Naturopathes Agrees du Quebec (ANAQ). In 2010 she was invited by the Canadian Olympic Committee to help prepare athletes for the Vancouver Games. That same year she travelled to India to implement a clinic for functional medicine in Tibetan monasteries where she continues to serve the well-being of thousands of monks. Ms. Blouin lectures frequently both at home and abroad on a variety of topics related to health and wellness internationally.

Lorene Sauro, RHN is a senior teacher at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, food professional, speaker and author of A Pastry Queen Goes Green. She has been active in the food industry as a product developer for 25 years. Her specialty in estrogen dominance first led her to learn more about the relationship of the gut and hormonal issues. She now specializes in digestion and intestinal health which includes providing instructions for fermenting foods and adding prebiotic foods to the diet. She also developed and teaches the Healthy Gut Certificate Program for practitioners.




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